Supply chain risks supports you in proactively identifying risks in the supply chain. The defined risks are in line with the German Supply Chain Act (Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz – LkSG).

sales opportunities discovers projects and tenders in real time and the leads behind them.

KNOWLEDGE GRAPH is based on an AI-powered knowledge graph consisting of real world entities, such as organizations, people, or places. This enables us to reveal hidden relationships in supply chains and to discover exciting sales opportunities.

How does it work?

We screen articles and publications from local and regional newspapers and digital magazines with our powerful AI-based algorithm to show you the potential supply chain risks and the most suitable sales opportunities.

Digitize your sales and procurement process.

A few thing we are great at

Artificial Intelligence

Our unique algorithm automatically searches and scans hundreds of thousands of articles on the World Wide Web in real time to discover supply chain risks and new projects or updates on existing risks or projects at the earliest possible.


Don´t miss the moment of ideal acquisition. Specify your company and product USP´s early in the RFQ documents. Surprise your competitors with early involvement and convince your potential customers of your products and services.

Real-Time Data

Real-time data from more than 2000+ sources.

German Supply Chain Act (LkSG)

We cover all risks and subjects mentioned in the LkSG. „The aim is to improve the protection of human rights and the environment in global supply chains“. We achieve this with our unique AI-models, which we have trained on the content of the LkSG.

Join us! Make your supply chain and your future potential transparent.

Our Team

Behind the idea and realization are three engineers from different fields who have engineered the idea and adjusted with the state of the art technologies.

Prof. Dr. Fatih Gedikli

Software & AI

Dr. Ali Gedikli

Data Engineer

Enes Gedikli

Marketing & Sales

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